Theresa Makone Pushes Weight Behind Chamisa
16 February 2018
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Terrence Mawawa | Regarded as the most influential figure in the opposition party MDC, Theresa Makone’ s decisions have a great impact on the operations of the country’ s largest opposition party.

According to impeccable sources in the MDC, Makone has finally thrown her weight behind the youthful MDC leader.

Makone is the party’ s treasurer general and party sources say she is the most influential figure in the party.

“Makone has finally decided to back Chamisa and as things stand the young man will be our Presidential candidate for the coming elections.

I can also disclose that she(Makone) has been in a dilemma but she has finally decided to support Chamisa,” said an official in the party’ s security department.

Makone approached Chamisa and told him she was willing to work with him, according to the sources.