An Attack on Elizabeth Tsvangirai is an Attack on Zimbabwean Women
18 February 2018
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By Don Chigumba | This piece aims at supporting the perspective that the women of Zimbabwe have let down Elizabeth Tsvangirai. Coincidentally, the advisor of the mother of Jesus was called Elizabeth. Elizabeth (Liz) is a heroine among the heroes, she took a good care of her husband till the time God called him. We saw her often, accompanying her husband to MDC-T rallies.   Liz is more vulnerable to African Traditional Culture because she married a celebrity. I am not shocked even if some people accused her of ill-treating or poisoning her husband.

Liz is my heroine, respect her for taking a good care of our leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Liz is definitely going to face resistance and abuse from Tsvangirai family, some ZANU PF and MDC-T supporters. ZANU PF is likely to use her in order to enhance division within the MDC-T camp. Some MDC-T supporters may blame Liz or ZANU PF for the demise of Tsvangirai because of their cultural stupidity alignment. Liz is in my prayers during this trying time, she made a mistake by getting married to a celebrity. The women of Zimbabwe should stand up and support Liz during this hour of need.

The Tsvangirai family have decided to appoint their daughter in law Diana to be among the spokespersons of Tsvangirai at the expense of Liz. How can this be, traditionally or ‘Christianitilly’?. The recent press conference of Collins Tsvangirai should have been blessed by Liz, why did that not happen? Collins Tsvangirai told the world that Morgan will be buried very close to his late wife Susan, a statement that should have been avoided, reflecting division in the family. Was that meant to provoke Liz? I am among the people provoked by the statement.

It is evident that Liz is being sidelined by Tsvangirai family and politicians while her fellow women of Zimbabwe are watching. Today it is Liz but tomorrow it will be you or your daughter or relative. I hate the African  Traditional Religion beliefs, women are marginalized and blamed for everything in the event of the deaths of their husbands. Nehanda Nyakasikana! Where are you, your grand daughters are under attack? Come down!

I have a cute daughter and I was forced to shade tears upon learning the way Liz is being treated. I was imagining my daughter following the same route because she was ‘blessed with a wrong gender’. They are calling Liz a gold-digger, that she was bedded by Nelson Chamisa, was it her mistake to be married to a celebrity? What do you want to achieve with all these lies? All women including man had a natural love for Tsvangirai and Liz was not spared.

Why should man watch while the mother of Jesus is being attacked? Why can’t women support their fellow  during this hour of need? Go Liz Go, you are paying the prize for being married to a hero. Do not be diverged, one day you will become our MP in any constituencies in Harare and I will campaign for you.


Women should be respected for carrying everyone of us in their wombs for 9 months, they are the mothers of Jesus, intelligent and live than men. The biblical narrative tells us that, Jesus was conceived through the fusion of Mary’s (women) ovary and the holy spirit. If the men’s sperms were capable of producing Jesus, why then did God use the holy spirit?  There is enough evidence that, women are superior to man even if President Mnangagwa did not respect them in his recent cabinet nominations. I respect Liz  she is my heroine. Man, MDC-T and ZANU PF may attack her because she is a women but my prayers are with her. She is living in a dead society where the definition of a prostitute means a women. All women of Zimbabwe are prostitutes according to them but I love you. Go Liz Go. I am sorry for offending you (women), it is because my feeling is that Liz has been abandoned by you (them). Nelson Chamisa is the right person to remove youths and women of Zimbabwe from oppression. Just like being a women, generation gap may force our elders to marginalize you politically, but my prayers are with you too.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods researcher based in South Africa