Gogo Tsvangirai Brisks Chamisa, Liz
20 February 2018
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By Dorrothy Moyo| The late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s mother, Gogo Lydia yesterday brisked her son’s successor Nelson Chamisa and daughter in law at the Freedom Square rally.

Mbuya Tsvangirai refused to join the Tsvangirai family at the high table at the rally which was to celebrate her son’s life.

She chose rather to stay inside the hearse near her son’s body.  The state media reports how she remained unmoved throughout the function.

There was more drama when her grandson Edwin introduced the whole Tsvangirai family. He skipped his stepmother Elizabeth, Macheka Tsvangirai, raising more emotion. Tsvangirai family members have told reporters the reason they have issues with Elizabeth is that she was no longer living with her late husband. They thus feel her entitlement to the matrimonial property is without merit. Elizabeth is entitled to the state pension for life.

It is believed Gogo Lydia was protesting against Chamisa and Elizabeth’s presence following her video recorded stunt on Saturday when she was filmed by ZBC News, while threatening to commit suicide if Elizabeth and Nelson Chamisa showed their faces.

Afterwards, she flew to Buhera aboard a military helicopter.