Mnangagwa Attacked For Wearing His “RASTA MAN” Scarf Again Today
21 February 2018
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Staff Reporter| President Emmerson Mnangagwa was today criticised by news readers for wearing his multi-coloured scarf today. Some News Observers watching on said the Head Of State “should have known better not to wear a scarf on a hot day like today.”

Why wearing scarf even when it’s not necessary in some occasions His Excellence ED Mnangagwa? You look great without that scarf Sir,” wrote one Memory Msipha

But others defended Mnangagwa. “Only he knows why he’s wearing the scarf. Don’t let it bother yous lot,” wrote one Clementina Sibanda.   Mnangagwa was speaking at an event broadcast LIVE by as he launched an ambitious NRZ locomotive project in Bulawayo. WATCH LIVE VIDEO STREAMING BELOW