Mujuru Performs U-Turn, Wants To Work With MDC
21 February 2018
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NPP leader Joice Mujuru yesterday voiced that she wishes to unite with MDC as a combined opposition against ZANU PF.

Mujuru last year launched her own coalition which excludes MDC-T.

She spoke at Morgan Tsvangirai’s burial saying, “when I last talked to Tsvangirai, we were putting finer details to the Memorandum Of Understanding with regards to the alliance.

“We are now saying, may all Zimbabwe’s opposition parties come together as it is in line with the people,’s will. We should work together and fight against poverty because it has become unbearable, it is too painful,” she said.

She continued saying, “we acknowledge the war that you fought Mr Tsvangirai and I have accepted that we should work together to fulfil your dream. So as opposition parties, we say rest in peace and we will honour our pledge.”