UK: British Memorial Service For Tsvangirai On Saturday
21 February 2018
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The MDC-T-UK and Ireland Province is inviting all Zimbabweans and non Zimbabweans who share our democratic values to a memorial service for the late MDC President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai on Saturday 24th February in Luton.

Dr Tsvangirai is a National hero. He does not require to be conferred the status National hero by a group of persons sitting in an office or boardroom because he already has it. You can’t make him a hero because he already is one. So whether you call him one or not, it has little to no effect.

Ten people can sit down and decide Tsvangirai is not a National hero. But millions, without even meeting, agreed that Tsvangirai is a National hero.

He does not need to be buried at Warren Park Heroes Acre for him to be a hero
Dr Tsvangirai has been buried on a prestigious Heroes Acre, built in the hearts of several millions of Zimbabweans.

Stane Pepu Gonese
MDCT UK & Ireland
Organising Department