Duped By Beitbridge Company
25 February 2018
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Dear Editor

I am writing this letter in pain because of the rampant corruption and nepotism that we are encountering in our country. I am a young man from Beitbridge. In July 2017 we were told that a new cleaning company called (Sterile Hygiene) had been contracted to clean the Beit-bridge border post hence we should submit our CVs if we want jobs. We later realised to our surprise that the Beitbridge residence association ladies had already compiled a list of their members and relatives who are 02s meaning that their Identity numbers start with 02 as they were born in Beit-bridge. Despite this setback we just decided to leave our cvs with the manager of the company for the next opportunity.

On the 12th of February 2018 most of the people who left their cvs with the manager back in 2017 were called to come for work. We were then told to undergo the process of fingerprint vetting with the ZRP which collected a lot of cash on that day since a lot of people paid $5 for the process in the hope that we would get the jobs. As for me i had to borrow that $5. Unfortunately for us the ZANU PF Member of parliament for Beit-bridge West, Ms Mudau and the notorious Beitbridge Resident Association, appeared once again and hijacked the process with their own list of relatives and special people whom they thought deserved the jobs more than us. The company was threatened by these people and forced to employ them. I was heartbroken because I have not been working for years while I have a family to take care of. I even met another lady who was crying because she had been forced to leave her job at this company so as to create a vacancy for one of these people. To make matters worse she had not received her salary for 3 months before her dismissal. This kind of behaviour by the people in power won’t take us anywhere. Everyone must be accorded a fair opportunity to work regardless of political affiliation or who you know.

Thank you!