VP Mohadi Almost Lost His Manhood After Being Tortured By The Mugabe Regime
1 March 2018
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Ray Nkosi | The exile driven New Patriotic Front has come out to reveal the torture ordeal Vice President Kembo Mohadi went through during the Gukurahundi dark period. Mohadi has been in the media after a picture of his was circulated on social media with a young teenage school girl in uniform in his office, with those close to him saying it his niece. All has not been well for the former state security minister who is also in a nasty divorce, with a woman claiming to be his wife Tambudzani taking to social media to pour out a lot of sensational claims about his private life.

However, when contacted earlier this morning Tambudzani the senator said she was not social media literate and would not be able to run Twitter or FB accounts. See the G-40 linked tweet below.

Vice President Kembo Mohadi almost lost his testicles after being tortured at Gwanda Police Station during Gukurahundi. He was released on 20 Dec 1985, sued the Gukurahundists and won but was told it would be a waste of taxpayers’ money to pay him.

— TEAM G40 #NewPatrioticFront (@TeamG40) March 1, 2018