BREAKING – Riots Erupt In Bulawayo As High Court Dismisses Coronation Of King
2 March 2018
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By Paul Nyathi| Bulawayo Central Business District has been turned into a war zone as thousands of people protest against the High Court decision denying the installation of a king for the Ndebele people.

Justice Martin Makonese ruled that the Crown Council of Matabeleland can not have a king installed as it is not provided for in the constitution.

Justice Makonese ruled that the council should take the issue to parliament for a constitutional amendment to incorporate the king in the structures of traditional leaders.

As the court was sitting hundreds of people gathered outside the court singing traditional Ndebele war songs.

When judgement was announced the crowd which suddenly grew in numbers went into a wild protest igniting running battles with the anti riot police that were on stand by.

At the time of this article the situation in the city remained tense with most businesses closing early in fear of the rioters.

Efforts to get a comment from the organisers of the coronation have not been successful as they were still closed inside the High Court building.