Wife Runs From Sex Pest Hubby
3 March 2018
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Mutare woman has fled her matrimonial bedroom following incessant forced attempts by her HIV positive husband to have unprotected sex.

Chipo Damba revealed this at the Mutare Civil Courts where she is applying for a protection order against her lawfully wedded husband, Martin Damba.

She told the presiding magistrate, Miss Nyasha Kuture, that she now feared for her life living under the same roof with her husband. Chipo said they both got tested for the HIV and Martin tested positive.

“He says I am his lawfully wedded wife and therefore we should all die together from the virus since he has it. He forces me to be intimate with him without protection,” she said.

She also accused Martin of damaging condoms each time they have sex in attempts to transmit the virus to her.

“Your Worship, against his will, we use condoms for protection but the moment he excuses himself to go to the toilet, he comes back with a broken condom and attempts to use it without my knowledge. He wants us to die together yet he is the one who was promiscuous in our relationship,’’ she said.

Chipo told the court that because she refuses to have unprotected sex with Martin, he now accuses her of being a goblin’s wife and threatens to take her to her parents’ house.

She said the abuses have affected her physically and emotionally, thereby affecting her work as a teacher.

Martin refuted the allegations saying it has been two years since they last shared a bed as husband and wife.

He labelled his wife a liar and ungrateful person. “This woman was uneducated and I sent her to school from Form 3, till she attained the Diploma in Education that she now boasts of.

“Now she wants to take everything away from me. I am a very peaceful person why would I force her to be intimate with me, as peaceful as I am?” said Martin.. –  state media