Bullet Train A Phenomenon ZANU PF Looters Can Never Understand
6 March 2018
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Discent Collins Bajila is the MDC Youth Secretary General

Facebook Post By Discent Collins Bajila

I wouldn’t expect snow grader buyers and their automobile massage machine counterparts to engage constructively on the issue of bullet trains.

It’s just not gonna happen.

The idea of a fast train moving between Zimbabwe’s largest cities to ease traffic congestion on the highways is noble but gets lost over the question of what time it can possibly take.

I would have been comfortable with the debate if it had been just a dispute on the issue of time taken. That’s a healthy debate.

To insinuate that we do not need a fast moving commercial mode of transport between Bulawayo and Harare is plain idiocy.

If we have such a service, the delivery of goods and services and the movement of people will be faster. This is important in business.

Our roads will also be decongested and therefore safer.

We know that NRZ was allowed to die under the watch of the junta when Rtd Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai was at the helm. We also know that NRZ was killed so that private haulage truck businesses like Maminza and Sabot could get a market for bulk transportation and therefore grow. We know who owns Sabot and Maminza companies.