Comedian Mai Titi Bemoans Sex Lecture Video
6 March 2018
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Rising online comedy sensation Mai Titi (real name Felistas Edwards) on Sunday evening opened up on national radio to host, Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande about her leaked video that went viral on social media last year, stating how it had dented her image.

The video shot at a kitchen tea where she was a host, showed Mai Titi demonstrating on another woman, how the bride to be, must make love to her man.

While demonstrating, Mai Titi pleaded with women who had gathered at the event not to take videos as her demonstration was not for public consumption, but alas, some did not listen and shot a video that soon went viral on social media platforms.

Narrating her ordeal during Katsande’s Formation programme on ZiFM Stereo, Mai Titi said a simple demonstration at an otherwise small gathering soon turned into her worst nightmare as people started mocking and judging her simply because the video was now out of context. Her mobile phone became a hotline as people would call inquiring if she had seen the video.

As if that was not enough, Mai Titi who rose to fame last year with her online comedy skits realised the seriousness of the video leak after she started missing out on opportunities she had worked hard for. Chief among them was a Nestle deal.

“I’ll never forget going to the Nestle offices and getting to advanced stages of the deal only for one of the ladies to walk in and ask if I wasn’t the person on the video that was doing the rounds. I said yes and she told me their brand couldn’t be associated with me.

“I was so devastated and I really wanted to cry,” Mai Titi reflected.

On a lighter note, Mai Titi said she was shocked by the number of high profile men who called requesting to meet her to prove if she possessed the skills they had seen on the video.

“You’ll be shocked to know the number of men who called with some even offering $10 000 just to sleep with me.”

Mai Titi, however said the incident had made her stronger. The conversation had been initiated by Tin Tin who also spoke on her leaked sex tape saying people should desist from recording such acts because no one has control over technology.

“My advice is just don’t record the sex! And if you do, just delete it. It’s not your partner you don’t trust — it’s technology. You never know where things end up with technology,” said Tin Tin.- state media