Mary Chiwenga Says, “I Dress Just Like Mrs Obama”
11 March 2018
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President Chiwenga’s wife Mary says she will wear what she wants and does not care what people think.

Mary Chiwenga, Second Lady |“I know people say I like showing my shoulders, that’s me and I will not change. So I always say whether they like it or not, they can’t change who I am and this is me. I dress exactly how I want to dress, I don’t change because people say I must change, no! I change because I feel the change is necessary.

“Michelle Obama dresses like me and people applaud her and appreciate her for that because she is not trying to be someone else. Melania Trump dresses like I dress and everybody loves it, no-one complains,” she said in the interview with the Daily News.

“It’s very myopic for people to say because you are wearing a dress that is sleeveless of whatever design, then they say you are crazy. I don’t pick it up from that context.

“When I leave home like this, my husband loves it. If I wear a short dress, my husband loves it. If I wear jeans depending on where I’m going, my husband loves it. I will never leave home with a dress that my husband doesn’t approve of.

“The outfit that I wore at congress; when I walked out of the bedroom, my husband was like ‘oh my, vamaGumbo, makachena, today I am going to walk holding your hand’. He said it jokingly. And people started saying oh, her boobs were out, we could see her cleavage, whatever. If you got it, flaunt it, why hide it?”

“Well, it’s not my problem that there are women out there who can’t wear that. The reason why people complain is that they know they cannot wear the same things that you are able to wear. I like looking very classy and very sexy, that’s me, and because I have sex appeal, so I don’t change.”

“There is an MP that came here… and we had a small talk and finally she got to her subject about my dressing. She said she had been sent by women from the party to maybe convince me to wear African attires and things like that, but I refused and I said I am not trying to fit into anybody’s league. My husband is happy with the way I dress and it’s not about to change. And you can take that back to them.”