Welshman’s ‘Fake Daughter’ Gugu Ncube Makes New Rape Claim
14 March 2018
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Ray Nkosi | Rape is serious matter and perpetrators have destroyed livelihoods. But while cases have continued, controversial rights activist, Gugulethu Ncube, who claims to be politician Welshman Ncube’s daughter has struck again, this time saying she was raped by a known rights activist, Shivambu Mhlava.

South African Police in Pretoria were embroiled on the latest case as they sought to arrest the recently accused man.

Ncube made headlines last year after claiming to have been raped by another prominent man. ZimEye.com at the time interrogated Ncube on both her rape claims and that Prof. Ncube is her father. (Watch Video).


She claims Welshman is her father and says there were DNA tests done in 1986 to prove the paternity.

However, in 1986 there was no DNA technology use in hospitals and certainly none of such in Zimbabwe.

The latest rape case has since been closed and below is a list of other cases reported:

173-01-2013 withdrawn / no accused

218-01-2010 undetected / no accused

1779-10-2009 withdrawn / accused Gwanda Alex Adamson

261-4-2017 Closed/ accused M G (initials)