WATCH: Khupe’s Personal Aides Attacked Me, Malusi Fuyana Speaks
15 March 2018
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By Lionel Saungweme| Below is an interview with the man who was brutally assaulted and filmed on camera at the MDC offices in Bulawayo on the 4th March. Mr Malusi Fuyana, MDC-T Ward 16 Chairman survived attempts to run him over with a vehicle.

He speaks to and alleges that he was attacked by MDC Deputy President Thokozani Khupe’s personal aides who include Mr Witness Dube (pronounced as Ncube). Mr Dube was interviewed by at the weekend concerning the developments and he is to answer to the latest allegation.


Lionel Saungweme: Ibizo ngubani Mnumzana? (What is your name?)

Malusi Fuyana: Ngingu Malusi Fuyana (I am Malusi Fuyana)

Lionel Saungweme: Kuhamba njani (What is happening?)

Malusi Fuyana: Izolo thina sesisiya ku-meeting (Yesterday as we went to the meeting), it was a legally constituted meeting ehofisini yethu eProvince (at our provincial office). And then when we got there, we discovered that there were some people who were very violent there. And then when I realised that it was not possible for us to do the meeting, I began to walk away home. As I was walking away, I was captured by Witness Dube and struck by a brick, struck with a brick by Dr Moyo and also Bhebhe came where I was, where I was waiting for the ambulance and further attacked me. Yaah!

Lionel Saungweme: So how did you get to hospital?

Malusi Fuyana: I was brought by an ambulance.

Lionel Saungweme: And what is your condition like?

Malusi Fuyana: Aaaah! I am in pain. I am very much in pain. I am very much in pain.

Lionel Saungweme: How many stitches?

Malusi Fuyana: 25 stitches