Chamisa Makes Unrealistic Promises
22 March 2018
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza| Many politicians act as if promises are cheap. However breach of promise is very expensive not only in terms of voters’ confidence but in terms of God’s holding them to account for their ill-considered lies. The Saviour tells us that “every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment” Mat 12:36. This includes broken promises.

An opposition political party which has just broken its own promises will turn on the governing party for breaking its promises. As “the pot calls the kettle black” the public looks on frustrated that they have been caught out again by political half-baked promises. Politicians make promises which they expect people to ‘understand’ that they must break because of the severe financial crisis or some other constraint.

It is par for the course to make and break promises. It works because people are so gullible as to believe unbelievable propositions. It happens because people do not plan properly for unseen eventualities; and when they get caught out they claim that if they had won they would have fulfilled their promises. Chamisa exposes his childish immaturity rantings when he takes a rally to be a place of poetic fantasies.
Zimbabweans are not stupid. Chamisa and Biti and their colleagues flew to America to beg The United States to impose sanctions on Zimbabwean people. They seriously request for the suffering of the people and then have the guts to promise the people tht they will be living a good life of honey and milk.
They ask the world to starve the nation to squeeze the populace to starvation until they are voted into power.
Chamisa and his bunch of clowns believe that an opposition loss means that they are rigged. In their warped minds Chamisa and his team request for sanctions. This means that the ground is not level. The opposition threatens the populace with sanctions and promises a good life if and only if they are voted into power. They extort people by waving the poverty stick and promise prosperity one. Scaring the old and the young. Politics of emotional violence is political violence.

The opposition handlers chose to ignore the violence caused by the opposition and concentrate on the ruling party.
The behaviour of getting international help during elections is akin to electoral rigging. The ground is tilted towards the opposition to a great disadvantage of the ruling party.

This unholy skill of making and breaking promises is confined to politics.

MDC T promises a turn around of economy in ten days as Chamisa said at a Gweru rally. He day dreams of a Bullet train and aeroplanes which will fly from city Centre to Chitungwiza. What a day dreamer. Who needs a flight to Chitungwiza when the airport is in Chitungwiza.

The unholy alliance between political parties, which take it in turn to accuse the governing party of breaking its promises, is similar to the agreement that people in opposition can blaspheme at will but one must not miscall one’s neighbour. The standards of public life are being eroded as we lose our Political backbone to immature talkative opposition president.

Meanwhile we look at a list of broken promises by our Governments, conscious that the Opposition Party has yet to be held to account. However, ZANU PF Manifesto addresses this glaring problem in public life.

Three months before the General Election, Chamisa is saying he can revamp the economy. He is now doing this very thing. Why should we believe him? And why should we trust then alliance.
BITI promised to denounce sanctions and broke this promise. The MDC T promised to participate in elections now its promising to back down on the pretext that the electoral reforms must be done first.
The Opposition have promised much and achieved little. So much so that support for them has dwindled.

Their pledge on student fees is so damaging that they will introduce free education

Chamisa’s flagship plan to cut fuel prices in rural areas is coming stuck on the rock. His election pledge will be taking ages to implement because of the economic juggernaut; it demonstrates that opposition cannot manage our own affairs without going cap in hand to America. The sooner we are rid of American puppets the better. As prices increase there is talk of a Fifteen billion promised to MDC T if they win elections. This again Chamisa said it at a rally. This clearly shows that the opposition is rigging elections by making lige difficult for the common man. Why do you have tonwait fo you to be in power in order to make things better. The cruelty of the opposition is horrible.
Their reneging on denouncing sanctions and betraying some of their life-long supporters shows that MSC T has no people at heart. They have also lost life-long members over fake unrealistic goals they make during the elections.

ZANU PF suggests improvements to this mayhem and litany of broken promises, to restore public confidence in the political process. However, it comes down to the people involved. One trusts people, not policies, and thus ZANU PF offers solutions to solve the nations woes.

The country is not ruled by those who are eloquent in public speaking. The country is ruled by the people.

Now the people must see who is causing their suffering. Surely you can not beat up a firl before you ask her out. The opposition seeks to gain support by starving people to death. Zimbabweans must open their eyes never to be fooled by sweets.

Chamisa talks of honey yet he brings in foreigners to suck yhe honey out of Zimbabwe through elections.

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