MDC-T Youth Tell Old Jessie To Leave Parliament And Go And Herd Donkeys
16 May 2018
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Told to go and herd donkeys, Jessie Majome

By Paul Nyathi|MDC-T Harare West legislator Ms Jessie Majome says that members of her party youth league have told her to quit parliament and retire to the rural areas and herd donkeys.

Speaking in a very emotional interview on Capital Talk Radio on Tuesday evening, Majome said that she is very touched by the insults and abuse she is getting from members of the party she has served for most of her adult life.

Majome last week announced that she was pulling out of the party primary elections pitting her against 24 year old Joanna Mamombe for the Harare West Constituency seat.

She cited huge electoral irregularities in the party’s electoral system as her reason for pulling out of the primary election.

Majome who claims to have since acceded to calls by the Harare West Constituents to stand as an independent candidate says some party officials were saying she was old and must go herd donkeys in the village. She likened the abuse she is getting to a form of political violence.

In the interview Majome said the MDC-T youths had created a WhatsApp group which they used to continuously attack her.

“I have experienced incredible abuse on social media particularly WhatsApp run in some quarters in the party. It seems like youths chauvinism,” she said.

“I have very malicious accusations. For example, they say I am old and must ship out. One of my competitors is a 24- year-old girl. They say you are old, get out and go. They say chembere ngadziende kumusha dzindofudza madhongi.”

Ms Majome said ironically, at 46, she belonged to the same generation as Mr Chamisa and was wondering why she was deemed “too old”.

“Chamisa is young and is 40 years old. I am six years older than him. I am of that generation. How is it that when it comes to Jessie Majome she is old and must herd donkeys wherever?”

She also said some party officials were saying she had been MP for 10 years and must give others a chance.

Majome said there were other senior party officials like Mr Tapiwa Mashakada and Mr Innocent Gonese, who had been MPs for over 10 years.

Majome also confirmed’s revelations that the MDC-T President Nelson Chamisa has been pressured by party leaders to engage with her not to contest as an independent candidate.

She said a senior official in Mr Chamisa’s office, Sessel Zvidzai, phoned and indicated that he wanted to meet her.

Majome also confirmed that party chairman Morgan Komichi, also sought audience with her and they had a discussion.

“After hearing the news of my decision, Mr Morgan Komichi approached me. I availed myself to him because I respect the party leadership.

“Mr Komichi gave me an opportunity to explain myself while he listened. After the discussion, he indicated that he would get back to me,” she said.

Ms Majome said she was still MDC-T and was ready for dialogue.

“I am MDC-T. That is my party. I love it dearly. I am not fighting my party. I do want my party to succeed in the election and I am open for dialogue,” she said.