Madzibaba Finances A LIVE Nightclub
4 June 2018
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Johane Masowe eChishanu self-styled prophet Stephen Mugariri popularly known as Madzibaba Stephen says while he does not own the controversial Executive Sports Bar and Night Club in Chitungwiza, he however finances it.

He said the night club is owned by his younger brother Lloyd “Lodza” Mutyambizi.
Madzibaba Stephen popular for his “go-back-to-sender-prayers” said: “The bar is run by my brother Lloyd but I am the one who put money in it. Personally, I own a fleet of buses, trucks, grocery shops and farms among other income generating projects countrywide but I put money in the bar just to empower my little brother.

“Lloyd was jobless and he asked me to rescue him from the jaws of poverty through financing his project —the bar — and as a responsible brother I agreed. The bar is his brainchild.

“Since I put my money in it, I often check progress of the project and I am glad the young man is running it professionally,” the 34-year-old preacher told the Daily News on Sunday.
“We have agreed that Lloyd will return my money back once the project starts realising meaningful profits.”

Mugariri, who is also popular for “locking spouses spiritually to save marriages”, defended his decision to finance the pub project.

“I do not see any problem here. As mutumwa, people often request me to pray for or bless their income generating projects such as piggery and tobacco fields. So should I refuse to bless them because their projects are deemed ‘unholy’ by the society?” the Mhondoro-born preacher asked.
The entertainment joint formerly known as Mbizi Night Club opened its doors to the public early this year and it had been rumoured that it belonged to Madzibaba Stephen.

The joint is known for hosting mostly ladies of the night. Mutyambizi told this publication that customers fell in love with the joint owing to its competitive advantages.

“We boast of spacious and secure parking lot, cold beers, and good food from our canteen which includes gango. We also have talented DJs.

“Apart from this, we have five clean and secure private rooms here which are for free. The place is frequented by commercial sex workers,” said Mutyambizi.

Of late, the joint is a favourite hunting ground for commercial sex workers.

Since February, the entertainment joint hosted artistes such as Suluman Chimbetu, Progress Chipfumo, Zoey, Beverly Sibanda and Andy Muridzo among others. Daily News