VIDEO: Drama As Mnangagwa Literally Boasts About Announcing The Election Date
4 June 2018
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By Farai D Hove| Zimbabweans at the weekend laughed at President Emmerson Mnangagwa after the head of state said words interpreted by many as a boasting about merely announcing the election date.

President Mnangagwa mlsaid this during his rally, last week.

Wrote one Twitter user, “Mnangagwa boasts about announcing election dates. Uku Madam ndivo MC!?

So what exactly did Mnangagwa say?

In the video below, Mnangagwa says, “Pamberi ne ZANU PF. Pamberi nekuhwina ma elections! Pasi ne mhandu.”

He then continues saying, “the day before yesterday, I spoke about elections and said they are on the 30th July, isn’t it?

“All these days before then, there were so many others who were saying in every place, elections, elections. No, this is all just mere talk. The Owner is us ( English – “me”).

“We are the ones who later on came, and now every one else is now coming bound by the date which we alone could announce. So where ever you are you must know, in those places nowhere people talk about what happens. Pamberi ne ZANU PF!, Pamberi ne ZANU PF!, Pamberi ne ZANU PF!”