Bhasikiti: “Mnangagwa Will Be Burnt In Hell For Blasphemy”
7 June 2018
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Kudakwashe Bhasikiti At An MDC Alliance coalition rally

Former Minister of state for Masvingo Province, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti has accused president Mnangagwa of being blasphemous and writing his own bible verse.

Bhasikiti charmed MDC supporters who gathered at Africa Unit Square after a march in demand of electoral reforms yesterday were he denounced Mnangagwa and his party.

“Mnangagwa has run out of ideas to the extent of writing his own bible by saying, “voice of the people is voice of god” that is his own bible, but if he listens to his own bible though it is not from God he should know that the people have spoken hence you (Mnangagwa) should answer yourself with your own bible,” said Bhasikiti.

He further alleged that people of Zimbabwe are now cleaver and will not give their vote to him.

“People of Zimbabwe are now clever and are guarding their vote jealously against him until the reforms are implemented.”

Bhasikiti concluded by mocking the ZANU PF symbol the fist which he said is hiding the missing 15billion and praising MDC-T’s palm symbol.

“The fist was once raised little did we know that it hid the missing $15billion it is high time people start waving their hands the MDC way to show transparency!” he said.