Kwekwe “Blackman” Breaks Own Record
10 June 2018
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By Paul Nyathi|Former Kwekwe Central Member of Parliament Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo broke his numerous record making stunts when he addressed a campaign rally sitting on the shoulders of one if his personal bodyguards.

Matambanadzo who confesses to have dropped out of formal learning at grade 2 addressed his rally at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre in kwekwe town for over thirty minutes sitting on his giant while sitting on his giant bodyguard on Saturday.

Matambanadzo was recently dismissed from ZANU PF and parliament after he confessed switching allegiance from the President Emmerson Mnangagwa led ruling party to join the former President Robert backed National Patriotic Front. Below was the video:

Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo speaking while on top of his body guard.