MDC Primaries, Job Sikhala Speaks
10 June 2018
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Job Sikhala

Dear MDC-T Alliance Family.

I write to you after a long time from my Facebook page because of the overwhelming commitments I had despite our nation being confronted with an impending election. As you know, I contested in our party’s primary elections seeking the mandate from the people to represent them in the constituency of Zengeza West against the ZANU PF candidate. The internal party process to chose the candidate for Zengeza West took place weeks ago. I never minded to broadcast it to the world because it meant nothing to me.

I am not disparaging at all against those who took it upon themselves to announce it to the world that I have won the right to represent my party in Zengeza West because these are people who wished me well in my endeavours. Thanks to those comrades and friends. For me, I took it as a normal process which should be respected in an institution like ours. I would like to thank my party with the democratic and peaceful way they allowed the process to take place in Zengeza West. There weren’t been funnies. The party allowed the people of Zengeza West to express themselves. People should learn that in internal processes there is no winner or loser as long as the process is done freely and fairly. The winner must never and I emphasise, must never take himself and herself as the paragon of knowledge and wisdom. Rather it should humble every true leader that being elected by the people among a troop of contestants doesn’t mean to say that you are the wise men from the East. It is merely being bestowed with the responsibility to carry their voice. This must humble even the most arrogant in the village.

I have seen many people who misconstrued the responsibility thrust upon by the people as meaning being the wisest in the vicinity. It’s not true. I humbly thank you the people of Zengeza West for bestowing your confidence in me to be the midwife of the problems we face as a community.

This could not have been possible had it not been of unprecedented and overwhelming financial support I obtained from good and solid friends from across the world who teared when they head about my intention to stand in Zengeza West. Tafadzwa Musekiwa and his wife Tariro made the most contribution to this success. I wonder whether they spared any money for their food as they contributed almost half of the £30 000 I got from my genuine friends. My sibling Harry Sikhala, Memory Mucherahowa Mwendamberi, Nathaniel Mphisa, Brian Musekiwa, Charles Mutama, Arthur KD, Mirirai Bere, Thomas Maseko, Nqobile Ndlovu, Dewa Mavhinga, Moses Oburu, and many others. I was even surprised by your love and confidence in me. Thank you colleagues. You are true friends.

However, the main objective is to make sure that we create a dream Zimbabwe. To all members of the MDC T Alliance family primary elections come and go. The objective remains the same. We might all not been satisfied by how the process might have been handled in our constituency. No process is 100% perfect. We must not lose focus of the bigger picture. Nelson Chamisa needs to win. The passing on of our unifying icon leader must teach us the struggle for our freedom can only be obtained through unity. I am sorry and take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who might have been offended along the way in our internal process to elect our representatives. It is now time to congregate around the idea and our dream. Our dream and idea is around the policies which are being articulated by our President Nelson Chamisa around how we are going to extricate our country from the jaws of poverty.

Primary elections should not blind us from focusing on removing these pretenders who have been presiding over our nation for decades. There is no hope except despair if these people who came to power through a coup win the forthcoming elections. There will be loads of empty promises and hopelessness if tikaita chiramwa chegurwe. Unity in our ranks is our only hope. I am sorry to those who play factional politics in our family. We are one and nothing should divide us. Factionalism is the creation of a mindset. A mindset that is toxic and unproductive. Our factional focus should be around Chamisa to deliver victory for all of us. Lets be focused and finish the business we started years ago. It has taken long but the destination is near. Victory is ours and ours only to lose. I love you all. In in unison victory is attainable.

I thank you. Lets rally behind our president.