James Makamba In More Trouble As Grace Mugabe Love Saga Ends
11 June 2018
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Former Telecel Zimbabwe boss and businessman James Makamba who recently returned to Zimbabwe from self imposed exile in South Africa after fleeing the country in 2005 is in deep financial crisis as South Africa Bank threatens to reposses his multi million dollar mansion.

Makamba’s sprawling Johannesburg property could soon be confiscated by Absa bank to recover a $4.5-million (R59-million) debt owed by the Zimbabwe businessman.

The debt is understood to have accumulated in mortgage, credit-card and vehicle financing accounts the businessman opened with Absa’s wealth unit.

Last week, James Makamba said that he fled the country and remained in self-imposed exile for 13 years after former President Robert Mugabe threatened to kill him on suspicion of having an adulterous affair with former First Lady, Grace.

Makamba, fled the country on August 31, 2005, when he was supposed to appear in court on currency externalisation charges. Upon his return to Zimbabwe , Makamba handed himself over to the Harare Magistrates’ Court. Last week through his lawyer Charles Chinyama, Makamba told magistrate Hosea Mujaya that he genuinely believed that his life was in danger.

Said Chinyama: ‘Your worship my client was under genuine belief that his life was in danger. It was not in danger of the body of his person, but could have been killed if he continued residing in the country. The person whom he (Makamba) suspected may harm him is none other than the former Head of State Robert Mugabe who suspected that he was dating his wife, Grace. That man was viewed as the law unto himself.

Chinyama said Makamba decided to have his day in court following Mugabe’s ouster last November in a military-led campaign.

“It was a challenge for a simple man as he is, fighting against the Head of State, your worship. So to save his life, he decided to stay away until the right time,” he said.