Boy Sets House Ablaze To Kill Grandparents So Can Inherit TV Set
12 June 2018
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AN elderly woman and her father from Mathonisa rural area escaped death by a whisker when their 12-year-old grandson allegedly tried to burn them to death in a hut.

The boy allegedly claimed that a neighbour had instructed him to kill his blind great-grandfather (88) and grandmother (68) so that he and the neighbour could inherit their television set, DVD player, a solar panel and battery.

Mr Heavy Nkomo, who allegedly advised the boy to kill his grandparents, has since fled from the area and is on the run.

A visibly shaken Mrs Maggie Siziba narrated her ordeal to The Chronicle saying they had nowhere to go.

“Last week on Tuesday I woke up to flames on the bed and that is when I realised our whole house was on fire. I screamed for help and our neighbours rescued us though we lost everything,” she said.

According to Mrs Siziba, she only managed to save night gowns that they were putting on.

“We lost our property, identification particulars and clothes including food and we have nowhere to go. I use crutches and I am temporarily living in Bulawayo with my daughter,” she said.

Mrs Siziba said her grandson had started acting strangely days before the incident.

“He had spent two days without coming home and when he pitched up he went into his bedroom and took his blankets and clothes,” she said.

“I realised that after he left, my handbag and some food was missing. I then notified my father and we retired to bed hoping to resolve the issue in the morning.”

Mrs Siziba said the boy later confessed that he had taken his blankets and clothes to a nearby bush where he stashed them before going to sleep next door.

“Both of us are hypertensive and we lost our medication and documentation. I am a bit relieved because social welfare officers arranged for Entembeni Old People’s Home to take in my father who is advanced in age and is blind,” she said.

Mrs Siziba said the incident traumatised them so much they are even afraid to go back to the community.

“I would love to start afresh but now I fear for my life because all this was caused by a neighbour’s grandson whom we trusted. I cannot believe that he convinced our grandson to do such a thing because we survived by God’s grace,” she said.

Matabeleland North Police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese could not be reached for comment.

Well wishers can contact Mrs Siziba on +263775815270 or +263773886827. The couple needs medication, food, clothes, blankets and any kind of help.

SOURCE State Media