Jessie Majome Sceptical Of MDC Alliance Offer Says David Coltart Treated As Royalty
12 June 2018
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Jessie Majome has revealed through twitter exchange with David Coltart why she turned down an MDC Alliance offer of a Senatorial seat, ignoring calls for her not to contest as an independent against a ‘preferred’ alliance candidate, in Harare West constituency.

Majome who pulled out of MDC Alliance primary elections in early May citing a skewed candidate selection process whose outcomes would be unfair,  has said she is also skeptical of the senatorial offer by the MDC Alliance.

Announcing her decision to abandon the alliance in May, Majome said,“However, sadly for me, in this primary election, I have noted several factors that I cannot ignore that I have highlighted to my party MDC-T which I honestly believe constitute the manipulation of the party’s guidelines towards an unfair outcome.”

Majome later turned down MDC Alliance overtures for a senatorial seat and declared she would contest the the parliamentary seat as independent against the alliance candidate Joana Madamombe, a decision that has left many in the alliance baffled, worse her closest colleague David Coltart.

Yesterday, David Coltart one of the alliance kingpins expressed his disappointment at Jessie Majome’s decision, on social media twitter saying, ‘Jessie F Majome is one of my closest colleagues and certainly one of the best MPs in the last Parliament. I am very sad that she has chosen to stand as an independent but puzzled why she is not prepared to take up the offer of a Senatorial seat. Is this really misogyny at play ?

But in response Majome hit back claiming that David Coltart enjoys a privileged status in MDC Alliance than her as he Coltart was given options for a seat in the House or the Senator while she was forcefully uprooted from her constituency and replaced with an unqualified candidate.

‘You enjoy a privileged status @DavidColtart- you can be offered a seat while I’m uprooted from 1 for 1 who doesn’t qualify, you can opt for an alternative & be highly considered – I’m far from the favour list & have better chances with the constituency. I’d be sceptical of offer,’ said Jessie Majome.

Coltart responded to accusation of favouritism saying, ‘This isn’t true – I have been very graciously offered a seat in the House but have asked to be considered for the Senate. It would be great to have there with me if fortunate enough to be elected.’