Nkosana Moyo Launches Manifesto
12 June 2018
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Dr Nkosana Moyo in one of his campaign trails.

By Paul Nyathi|Elections dark horse the Alliance for People’s Agenda, APA, led by Dr Nkosana Moyo will be launching its official manifesto on Wednesday next week, the party has revealed.

The manifesto called The People’s Agenda will be launched by the party’s presidential candidate Dr Moyo in a public event at the Rotary Club of Harare.

Dr Moyo has carried out the most unique campaign trail where he has refused to hold any public rallies but opted to go around the country meeting voters individually in the streets of nearly every village and centre in the country.

The very reserved former Minister of Industry and Trade has been subjected to huge ridicule for his very unique campaign strategy though he appears to have impacted heavily on the people he met as numbers following his party appear to be growing every day.

The party wrote in its official website:

After more than a year of getting into the people, meeting Zimbabweans from all walks of life, listening and learning the challenges they face everyday, and their call for a NEW political, social and economic narrative, I’m pleased to officially invite you all to the People’s Agenda manifesto launch by Alliance for the People’s Agenda – APA at the Rotary Club of Harare, The Bridge near Harare Gardens on 20 June 2018.

We open this invite to all democrats, the members of the free press, Zimbabweans across all political divides beyond APA members who want to listen, learn, critique and stay informed in lieu of the July 30 elections. Dress however you like. Even in your favourite scarf or t-shirt wrapped in an open progressive mind.

Event starts at 16:00 hrs sharp ending at 19:00 hrs. We have a few hard copies of the entire policy document for our early birds. The floor will be open for a round of questions from all attendees. Can’t wait to see you all there!