2026 World Cup: Who Voted for Who? Why Chiyangwa Voted For USA
13 June 2018
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African countries have failed to come together and vote Morocco for the 2026 World Cup handing the 2026 World Cup to the UNITED 2026, a joint bid by Canada, Mexico and United States.

Results show that Zimbabwe’s football association ZIFA voted Canada-Mexico-US, whilst neighbors Zambia voted Morocco.

Neighbors South Africa also voted voted the UNITED 2026 bid.

Why have African countries turned their backs on one of their and through away the chance to bring the most prestigious sporting event to Africa. Are the football associations failing as a content to support each other and is there a chance for Africa to host this event ever?

The United 2026 bid of United States, Canada and Mexico beat Morocco by a margin of 69 votes to host the tournament which will be expanded to 48 teams for the first time, with the United 2026 bid receiving 134 votes to its 65.

See who voted who below :