VP Mohadi Calls on State Media To Stop Selective Partisan Coverage
14 June 2018
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VICE President Kembo Mohadi has urged the media to give equal coverage to political parties ahead of the upcoming elections as they all had to be given a platform to sell their manifestos to voters. In an interview, VP Mohadi said when defeated, some political parties have a tendency of blaming their loss on poor media coverage.

He called on the State media to cover opposition parties in the same manner they were covering Zanu-PF.
“There are some parties that are complaining that the media isn’t giving them coverage, which isn’t right. The media must give all parties a platform to sell their manifestos to the people so that when they lose they don’t give excuses that they lost because they didn’t have coverage.

“There are more than 100 political parties that are registered and the media has to ensure that they give them all equal coverage.

“After all we are all Zimbabweans and whoever wins elections has to run the affairs of the country,” he said.
VP Mohadi said Zanu-PF was going to emerge victorious in the coming elections set for July 30.
President Mnangagwa recently called for peaceful and credible elections.

He said peace had to prevail before, during and after the 2018 harmonised general elections.
President Mnangagwa said the country was moving towards becoming a beacon of democracy on the continent where citizens can enjoy their freedoms without fear of being victimised.

He said the views of Zimbabweans were important as the country was free from colonial bondage and dictatorship.
He said citizens should enjoy freedoms of expression, the Press, religion, speech and assembly under his administration.

The President has also called on people who are going to contest in the elections to focus on issues that matter in the lives of the people.

SOURCE State Media