Mnangagwa In 300 000 Jobs Promise…?
15 June 2018
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Zimbabwe election campaign seasons always bring 1000’s of jobs that never materialize until another election. This year is no different. In 2013 Zanu PF promised 2.2 million jobs that never materialized.

Today addressing a Zanu PF rally at Mucheke Stadium, in Masvingo, President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised to create 300 000 jobs through road rehabilitation works and promised Masvingo 500 jobs, guaranteed by 31st July at the meat processing company, Cold Storage Commission.

Is there any hope for Zimbabweans from Zanu PF’s jobs promise this time or it is just another election like before?

This is what president Mnangwagwa said today, “When I went to Davos I took with me my rainbow scarf and they now know me and Zimbabwe is on everyone’s lips. Before we came here we went to Mashava Mine which we are currently resuscitating. On Tuesday we will sign a deal with investors whom we met in Davos and are interested in CSC Masvingo. On 31 July, they will start operations at the abattoir and 500 jobs will be created.

“Beitbridge-Harare Highway has caused many deaths due to accidents. Contracted company Geiger International had no money. We are now looking at now companies and we are looking at their proof of payment. 300 000 jobs will be created when the road starts to be rehabilitated.”