Women Chokes To Death During S*x
16 June 2018
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Inspector Precious Simango

By Paul Nyathi|In a twist of events, a Bulawayo women who was last week found dead in a bushy area in Westgate Industrial Site actually choked and died during se*ual intercourse.

Speculation was high throughout Bulawayo that the woman may had been raped and brutally murdered in the area prominently used by sex workers as a place for their services.

A post-mortem conducted by a Bulawayo doctor revealed that the woman actually died during a sexual encounter.

Police Spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said Priscilla Ndlovu (26), who was reported to have been savagely raped and brutally murdered actually died from choking.

She said no foul play was suspected in her death as she could have choked during sex.

“We have concluded our investigations into her death. Post-mortem results reveal that she died from choking during sex. We therefore consider her death to be due to natural causes,” said Insp Simango.

Ndlovu was found dead last Friday along Nugget Road in the Westgate area. She was half dressed with a used condom near her body. There was also evidence that she bled through her nose.

Her friends had told that she left in a hurry after receiving a call from an unknown person