4 Days To Go! Be Wary Of Fake News
25 July 2018
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The Election Bulletin Issue 12

Wednesday 25 July 2018

It is 4 days before the most important election in the history of Zimbabwe on the 30th of July 2018.

The Presidential Press Conference

Addressing journalists today at Morgan Tsvangirai House, President Nelson Chamisa urged Zimbabweans to come out in their large numbers on Monday to vote for change that delivers.

President Chamisa expressed confidence of winning in the coming election and urged people to prepare for victory celebrations.

He assured the nation that the MDC Alliance has put in place various anti-rigging measures which will ensure that the people’s victory is safeguarded.

This comes after the Multi party dialogue hit a deadlock on procedural issues yesterday with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

Later in the day, President Chamisa addressed a bumper crowd at Koshen Grounds in Norton.

Advocate Nelson Chamisa promised to bring world class development to Norton and turn it into a city, once his government assumed office.

The President was also coming from Murombedzi where he also addressed a bumper crowd of MDC Alliance supporters. This was the President’s 76th rally.

Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s revive and re-open closed industries in Norton like Hunyani Paper Mills, avert the water crisis, create employment and build world class infrastructure in the form of motorways, spaghetti roads and high-rise buildings in Norton which by 2023 will make Zimbabwe as a whole the jewel of Africa.

The President also warned the people to be wary of fake news peddled by Zanu PF. Advocate Chamisa took the time to educate the voters to place their vote on the MDC Alliance stressing that this is the only legitimate party that will bring real change that Zimbabweans have been yearnings for.

Matapi fire incident unfortunate

The MDC Alliance commiserate with the residents of Mbare’s Matapi flats whose shelter and property was gutted down by fire last night.

It beggars belief that in one of Harare’s oldest high density suburb, people are still using candles and resorting to fetching water in the dead of the night because there is scarce availability of this basic human right.

It is against such sad and poor background that the people of Zimbabwe must turn out in their millions and vote for transformation, opportunity and prosperity. To vote for change that delivers, not empty promises from a failed government.
Zimbabweans deserve better.

An MDC Alliance government will place Zimbabweans at the centre of service delivery in every government department including local authorities. The people desire smart cities that have piped water, smart towns that use electricity in people’s homes, decent and affordable homes.

A smart government that takes care of its elderly people and is aware and responsive to their needs. A compassionate government that is responsive to the plight of the poor and provide them with the opportunity to prosper and be better.Only an MDC Alliance government can offer that kind of Zimbabwe.

Upcoming Events

Tomorrow, all roads lead to Chitungwiza’s Chibuku Stadium for the Presidential Star rally.

The 27th of July will see the President in Bindura North in Mashonaland Central, for another star rally at Chipadze Stadium.

The New Zimbabwe Victory Rally at Freedom Square on the 28th of July will be the last rally that Advocate Chamisa will address before getting into position of national authority.

Reminder to voters

On the 30th of July 2018, Voters are reminded to carry their national identification particulars such as the national ID or a valid passport to the polling station in the ward that they are registered to vote, and vote for the MDC- Alliance candidates and vote for the change that delivers.

Remember Your Vote is Your Secret. Do not be intimidated!