Border Jumper Found Dead Near Hippo Horror Waters
25 July 2018
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A 43-year old woman has been found dead near an illegal crossing point along the Limpopo River in Beitbridge amid fears that she was killed by a hippopotamus.

The woman from Chitungwiza was found by police officers patrolling the area at around 4AM on Monday. Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident.

He said the woman was identified as Nosiza Sibanda and her relatives have been notified.

“I can confirm that a 43-year-old woman was found dead along Limpopo River yesterday morning. It is suspected that a hippopotamus killed her while she was trying to illegally cross over to neighbouring South Africa,” said Insp Ndebele.

He said the woman was travelling from Harare where she was staying.
“Police officers discovered her body next to the bridge yesterday at around 4AM while doing patrols and no foul play is suspected,” Insp Ndebele said.

He said it is better for people to raise $53 to get a passport than risk their lives crossing the border at illegal points.

“We have always encouraged people to use proper channels as passports cost only $53. They would rather use passports than resort to illegal border jumping,” Insp Ndebele said.

He said there are crimes that take place at illegal crossing points in Beitbridge which members of the public should be wary of. “People are always robbed or even raped and we wish to warn people to stop putting their lives at risk,” said Insp Ndebele. – state media