Govt Quashes Magaya’s HIV/AIDS Cure Claims
29 October 2018
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The government has dispelled claims by popular Harare preacher and Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya that he discovered a cure for HIV and AIDS saying the alleged medicine has not gone through any medical and clinical tests to prove its effectiveness.

Addressing a media briefing in Harare today, Information, Publicity, and Broadcast Services Minister, Monica Mutsvagwa said government remains concerned by the claims, urging patients currently on antiretroviral treatment to continue taking their medication.

Mutsvangwa said Magaya’s alleged cure has not gone through the medical and clinical tests and trials hence should not be taken seriously.

“The Ministry would like to assure the public that there are processes and procedures that new medicine has to go through before they are recognized as effective and safe for use by patients.

“Medicines go through rigorous tests, including clinical trials which involve the use of the product under strict supervision. If these clinical trials are performed within the country, they are authorized by the Secretary for Health and Child Care,” said Mutsvangwa.

This comes after Magaya made sensational claims during a church service yesterday that he had made a breakthrough in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

His revelation has however received scorn and spite from Zimbabweans who fear it will encourage unsafe sex at a time the country seems to be winning the battle against the deadly virus.

The country’s prevalence rate is estimated to be around 12% and there have been low HIV/AIDS-related deaths in the past few months.

However, a critical drug shortage exacerbated by empty foreign currency reserves has threatened the well being of people living with HIV.

Meanwhile, Mutsvangwa urged those on anti-retro-viral treatment to continue taking their medication saying any discontinuation without supervision will lead to dire consequences on their health.