“Zanu Pf Looting Of Tropical Cyclone Idai Aid Evil”: MDC
26 March 2019
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By Own Correspondent| Opposition MDC has responded to claims that Zanu Pf is diverting aid meant for Tropical Cyclone Idai adding that such acts by the ruling party members were “evil”.

Said MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume:

“Owing to the Zanu PF Military government’s gross negligence and incompetency cyclone Idai hit with no proper mitigation and management plan.

Lives were lost, families displaced, property was destroyed, livelihoods destroyed and many were left homeless.

The citizens of the motherland came together and made sacrifices in an attempt to help fellow countrymen get back on their feet.

It is shameless and evil for the party which failed the people of Manicaland to be raiding the aid.

They lack concern and heart which is why they flew leather couches to sit comfortably in a crisis and mourning zone.

Their leader runs a WiFi government, keeps hiring private jets, sometimes visits the motherland and hears about Zimbabwean problems on Facebook, Twitter and such other platforms.

There must be an immediate stop to the raiding of aid in Manicaland, the people are in need.

The people of Zimbabwe must unite and put a stop to the madness.

MDC: Defining a New Course for Zimbabwe!

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson