“No Justification For ED’s Foreign Travel”
31 March 2019

By Precious Shumba| There is nothing as yet that justifies the numerous foreign travels in a private jet for President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

I listened to him justifying the many travels claiming that that as the reason Zimbabwe is receiving foreign help. If there are Ambassadors in those countries, the President should not waste taxpayers money travelling.

Instead, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Sibusiso Moyo is competent to represent the Government of Zimbabwe.

When the citizens demand explanations and justifications, the President should learn to humble himself and subject himself to public scrutiny than act like a spoilt child who insists on doing things elders are saying they are bad.

The citizens of Zimbabwe do not see the real benefit in the President travelling to foreign lands using private jet, when he can assign his foreign affairs Minister or Ambassadors to handle the issues in other countries. The President appeared to be rubbishing the citizens, saying he will continue to travel to those foreign places in that expensive private jet.

His attitude towards the citizens makes him a liability to Zimbabwe, because after Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe expected a more responsible leader. Austerity for Prosperity should not be for us while the President uses Austerity to increase Government spending on foreign travel.

The fact that he continues to travel reveals his lack of confidence in his own Ministers and other lieutenants. President Emmerson and his wife should not hoodwink the nation about the benefits of them going to foreign countries to strike beneficial deals.

The Presidents needs to be more hands on and travel across the country meeting citizens in their daily settings, and not at rallies where the atmosphere is artificial and manipulated for the media.

Down with irresponsible foreign travels and hiring of private jets. Austerity means maximising on the little available resources to uplift the people’s living conditions.

We are the citizens! Zimbabwe should come first above individuals, irrespective of their political, economic, social-cultural and legal status.