“My God Is Faithful And Is Restoring Everything,” Sophie Ndaba Speaks On Her Being Broke
12 April 2019
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Shaping up again, Sophie Ndaba

In the wake of reports that she owes the bank R80,000 after falling behind on bond payments on her Featherbrooke Estate mansion, Sophie Lichaba has moved her focus to a new project and said she was relying on God.

According to Sunday World, Sophie defaulted for about four months on her R22,347 monthly bond and was more than R80,000 in arrears.She said she fell behind with her monthly instalments because the tenants she rented the house to defaulted on their rental payments.

Shortly after the reports surfaced, Sophie took to Instagram to announce that she is renovating a hotspot in the Vaal and converting it into a chesa nyama and lounge.She reminded herself that she was blessed and said that it was often the tallest trees that catch the most wind.

“My Sundays are a constant reminder that the devil always “tries” to come after a blessed child of the most high God even on holy days. The war was never over but guess what? I was born Blessed!

“You see every year l grow spiritually. I’m a soldier at war and never lose a battle.. You know the higher you go up, the stronger the wind that carries “udoti” tries to mess with one’s fab life.”She said that she would keep on rising, regardless of what her haters did to try defeat her.

“My God is faithful and is restoring everything those that despise tried to take! They tried to bury God’s favourite. Remember the story of Job!! They should know by now my faith is sufficient, I’m blessed. I’m untouchable!”

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