Open Letter To Chamisa, “MDC Is Heading For A Split,”
14 April 2019
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Paul K. Saungweme
Former MDC Makoni South Organising Secretary

Dear my President Chamisa,


The truth is our party nominations have been invaded by people who pretend to love you so they get positions. Yet the real leaders are being labelled names. Pamuchayeuka bako mvura inenge yanaya.

Your supporters are abusing your popularity and denting your chances of a 2023 presidency

My President, you needed to have learned on how our catastrophic primaries were conducted in 2018. Why we lost Matebeleland North and South in 2018. And why Zanu-PF have parliamentary majority.

It’s all a wrong assumption to assume that you will be able to unite us after congress. Judging on the toxic language and the few G40 paid & captured social bloggers like ZimEye etc

Time will tell. Good luck, some of us had wanted to see a team that does it come 2023. Your bootlickers are going to come up with theories and lies just to get nominations. But not anybody other than you, knows very well that competence is better than bootlicking.

In conclusion my President you needed to balance popularity with competence. If rumours are true that a new party is on the horizon then you must blame your toxic comrades for the painful split which is imminent. I am reliably told it’s 85% likely to happen. The onus is on you to urgently sort things out my President.

Come 2023 you are the torch bearer and those who are misleading you will blame you.

Caution: The silence of competent people like Mukoma Doug, Mudzuri, Kore, Ian and Theresa Makone, Murai, Musundire, Nomatter and many others it’s not a sign of stupidity. It’s a sign of maturity and reading along the lines.

These leaders delivered for you only last year and all of a sudden they are now enemies of your divisive factionalist. Cyril Ramaphosa was clever to know how to work with Dhlamini Zuma; Obama worked with Hillary Clinton.

Allow me therefore to regrattably hint at the birth of a third force that will be run by genuine democrats, without being remote-controlled by G40.

The signal will be given soon for those who really love the struggle. Musaore Moyo (Don’t lose heart).

Your supporters will tell you those people have no supporters but the truth is they have and they won’t be as stupid as Khupe was . They are planners, they are leaders; they have managed before and they are champions.

As an advocate president Chamisa needed to have known that empty vessels makes noise but noise disrupts always as they are about to make noise on my post. This 2019 congress proceedings has produced a winner and the winner is Zanu-PF.

I am pained very pained at the thought of seeing our party split again and this time it’s a massive split cause it’s not about leaders wars. It’s about structures that have been kicked off after building the MDC brand for many years.

Your bootlickers always say new blood if it’s about new blood why is it those misleading you are not paving way for new blood. Isn’t it stupid when your followers tell you Matebeleland needs Ncube you agree, but when we tell you Manicaland needs Mwonzora and Kore your same advisors will tell you it’s a lie, isn’t it stupid when they tell you Mashonaland needs Mutinhiri than Theresa Makone and Mpariwa.

Have you forgotten your foot soldiers Hwende and Mutseyami ran away from their constituences of Musikavanhu and Mash west just to be MPS in towns. Will they go back and work in constintuences they abandoned.

United we stand, Divided we have fallen. history will judge us

Paul K. Saungweme
Former Makoni South Organising Secretary