Township Residents Prevent Mayor From Addressing Them, Pelt Him With Water Bottles.
16 April 2019
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Mayor Herman Mashaba

Alexandra residents have prevented Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba from chairing the Integrated Development Plan session that was meant to take place in the Johannesburg township on Monday night. 

Residents gathered at the Malboro community hall but refused to allow the meeting to get underway, with many singing songs. 

They only listened when their leaders handed over a memorandum demanding services and the eradication of the mushrooming informal tin houses and illegal land grabs.

“You politicians must stop pointing fingers at each other we want service delivery,” the memorandum said.

After the memorandum was read, angry residents broke into chants, and booed Mashaba. 

Some even went to the extent of pelting him and his team with papers and empty water bottles.

Mashaba, after some reluctance, moved to the briefing room. It is unclear if he will continue with the meeting.

The SAPS and Joburg Metro police department are in Alexandra, keeping an eye on proceedings.

All routes leading to the Marlboro Community Hall were heavily guarded and several police nyalas could be seen.

Protests erupted in Alexandra two weeks ago, with residents calling for better services and improved living conditions. 

They demanded to meet with Mashaba.

Residents then instead wanted to meet with President Cyril Ramaphosa, after Mashaba announced he would meet them on April 15.

Ramaphosa visited Alexandra on Thursday, where he told residents that he had formed an inter-governmental team to meet Mashaba and iron out a plan to solve service delivery challenges in the township.

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