Human Rights Activists To Demonstrate For “True Independence” On Uhuru Day
17 April 2019
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Kingstone Jambawo

Letter To Editor By Kingstone Jambawo ZHRO|Independence Day celebrations are fast approaching – Should we be celebrating independence?

Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) activists are going to protest against Independence Day celebrations on Thursday – 18 April 2019 – at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London – starting at 11:00 am – We want the world to know that there is no reason to celebrate because we are still under dictatorship.

The diasporas want to show their frustration with Mnangagwa’s dictatorship that is doing nothing other than breeding corruption and incompetence.

At a similar protest last year – dubbed – What Independence – around two dozen activists from across the UK gathered outside the Zimbabwe Embassy criticizing the Coup that brought Mnangagwa to power. 

Those who wish to opt out of the festivities again this year can come to the Embassy and make their voices head. After all, anger, emotional fatigue is real, and our political climate is challenging to say the least. But if you cannot make it and your response to current events is to get out and make your voice heard, you can do it at any location on this Independence Day.

The scarf hanging dictator continues to make promises but has totally failed to change the lives of the people. Instead he has made it worse than what Mugabe left behind.

Popular anger has also been stoked by army shootings, basic commodities and fuel price hikes, crackdown on protesters and the recent utterances by the president after cyclone Idai disaster. 

ZHRO members are demanding independence from dictatorship-
-Where is the justice for the 1 August victims? 
-Why are the killers of 1 August protesters still at large.
-Prosecute the killers and murderers of 1 August protesters
-Stop persecuting journalists and democratic rights activists.
-Where is Itai Dzamara
-Where are the missing people? We need to know what happened to each and every one of them.

Our flag should be flown at half mast and all signs of exultation, parade, and boasting should be studiously suppressed.