Mnangagwa Launches ZUPCO Buses
17 April 2019
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ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday presided over the launch of 39 buses which the government secured to address the volatility in the public transport sector.

The 39 buses are part of 300 buses which the government has bought in its bid to introduce a mass transport system.

500 more buses are expected to arrive from the Former Soviet Republic of Belarus.

The buses will be installed with a computerised system that can be used for issuing fuel, monitoring its consumption, tracking as well as real-time financial reporting.

Speaking at the commissioning of the buses in Harare on Tuesday, Mnangagwa said:

When I went away to visit Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in January, one of the issues I came back and stated to the nation was that we had arranged to acquire 500 buses from the Republic of Belarus.

But by the time I came, there had been some incidences and there had been some violence and during the course of the disturbances, fares charged by commuter omnibuses went up so rapidly that our community of commuters was affected greatly.

So, we decided that it was necessary to have a stable transport system both in the urban and countryside. But because the arrangements we had made in Europe would take longer, we decided to make preliminary arrangements which would bring about 300 buses before the 500 come from Europe.- state media