“Throw Away Your Scarf, It Gives You A Weird Appearance”
18 April 2019
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Farai Dziva|Facebook user Tonderai Chimbo says Emmerson Mnangagwa must do away with his trademark scarf as it gives him a weird appearance.

“Loosen your GRIP and allow Zimbabweans to come back home and rebuild their country.

Letting one foreign company open when thousands of local companies are closing is not sustainable.

Start thinking of Zimbabweans as capable people.For now you have done very well in presenting Zimbabwe as a begging state- which we are far from.

Zimbabwe just needs the sociopolitical landscape to be adjusted.

Why present yourselves as dictators/military state/hardliners and all the bad images if you have some of the best citizens Africa can boast of?.You will do much better as a leader if you’re not being partisan since your party has little or nothing to sell.

Be inclusive in every gesture including the care for cyclone Idai it costs you nothing but gains u a bit of tolerance. Finally!-THROW AWAY THE SCARF. It gives you a weird appearance and that’s why some of us can’t trust you!”