When Days Are Dark, Friends Are Few, Zahara’s Boyfriend Dumps Her At Her Lowest Stage In Life
22 April 2019
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Zahara in happier times with his boyfriend

AWARD-WINNING singer Zahara’s problems seem to be piling up by the day. And the latest drama is rumoured to stem from her love life.

This was after her boyfriend, Ian Sibiya, is said to have moved out of her house. According to insiders, Ian packed his belongings because he allegedly doesn’t want to get involved in the singer’s said debacles.

Said an informant: “He’s a quiet guy, who enjoys his space. Since the drama started, he has been unhappy with TV crews camping outside Zahara’s place, where he also lived. “That’s why he decided to leave.”

The pair, said to have been an item for more than three years, has allegedly stopped posting pictures of each other on social media.

This is according to another source, who said the posts ceased after Zahara decided to take on her former label, TS Records.

When called for comment, Zahara denied that the two have broken up.

“Ian and I are still together. In fact he is my number one supporter,” she said.

But insisted the source: “Ian couldn’t deal with his privacy being invaded the way it has been in recent weeks. Yes, he loves her. But him moving out was a decision he took to protect his peace and sanity as he’s not used to this influx of the media.”

The Umthwalo singer (real name Bulelwa Mtukutana) is said to be head over heels in love with Ian.

Claimed the third source: “She loves him because he’s the only guy who’s treated her like a queen.”

Ian was not available for comment.