Drama As Bobi Wine Escapes From House Arrest
25 April 2019
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Bobbi Wine spotted at his friend’s Hajj Lyavala’s funeral

Correspondents|Reports from Uganda indicate that firebrand Uganda politician Bobi Wine has escaped from his house in the capital Kampala.

The MP has been in a standoff with the Ugandan authorities since Monday after his shows were canceled because police said they failed to meet safety standards, prompting widespread protests.

Wine was removed from his car by police and escorted to his home while heading to a briefing he had called to address the concert cancellation and “police brutality” on Monday.

“Police and the military have been deployed at my residence since yesterday, after the violent arrest. My home is under siege. They have surrounded my fence and installed barricades on all roads leading to my home,” he said on social media.

“It is today when I attempted to move out of my home that the police told me that I am under house arrest. I was headed to Police headquarters in Naguru to deliver a notification about our planned peaceful demonstrations against police brutality, injustice and misuse of authority.”

But it seems the politician and pop star musician managed to escape the police dragnet at his house on Wednesday night and has been spotted in Bugiri District ready to attended the burial of his friend Hajj Siraj Lyavala.

Lyavala was a key member of Museveni’s NRM Party and rose to the position of District Chairman within the Party.

But he ditched Museveni’s party in the just concluded Bugiri Municipality MP election where he supported opposition candidate Asuman Basalirwa, who won the election.

Hajj Lyavala succumbed to kidney failure at at Platinum Hospital Buganda Road on Wednesday.

On Tuesday Wine was placed under house arrest when police got to know about his plans to walk to the police headquarters in Naguru to deliver a protest note to the inspector general of police after police cancelled his music concert.

Kyagulanyi said that he would go to the police headquarters and deliver the note to police boss Martins Okoth Ochola to express his disapproval of police’s continued infringement on rights and brutality against members of the opposition.

However, news came in today that last night the MP outsmarted security presence at his house and escaped house arrest.

Kyagulanyi took to his facebook and explained why he had to escape.

“I had to find a way of attending the burial of our patriotic elder Haji Siraji Samanya Lyavaala in Bugiri” says Kyagulanyi