ZANU PF Acknowledges That Things Are Not Well In The Country But Begs For Calm And Patience. Who Actually Has That Time?
25 April 2019
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Own Correspondent|The government of Zimbabwe recently challenged the nation to remain calm, united and vigilant as the new dispensation implements a raft of measures to resuscitate the economy, The Herald reported.

In an interview with The Herald on the sidelines of the country’s 39th Independence celebrations in Harare, Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana said the new dispensation is implementing economic stabilisation programmes, which will benefit everyone.

“The Government is employing the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), having this programme is an acknowledgement that things are unstable, so we need to stabilise them,” said Mangwana.

“Government has put in place this programme to stabilise the economy between October 2018 and December 2020. So we are putting things together. Going forward, we are expecting proper economic development to come that is why we have two to five-year economic development programmes and we expect job creation, industrialisation, modernisation of our economy from those programmes. We expect even modernising our housing and our way of doing things.

“So I urge the nation to remain united and focus on the ultimate goal of bringing prosperity to our country and to develop it to be a modern country in every aspect, this is what we are looking forward to and we can only do that when we are together. This is not about any political party, this is about our nation as Zimbabweans.”

“The country belongs to everyone, so if we have a unity of purpose we can achieve Vision 2030. Drivers of Vision 2030 are not political parties, it’s the citizens.”