Zimbabwe Under No Threats From Cyclone Kenneth, Met Office Says.
25 April 2019
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Cyclone Kenneth satellite picture

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has dismissed messages circulating on social media that Cyclone Kenneth will hit Zimbabwe.

In a statement, MSD refuted claims that Cyclone Kenneth will hit the eastern borders of Zimbabwe like what Cyclone Idai did.

“Of concern, are some messages that may have now gone overboard to the extent of misleading the public without making recourse to the Department about the real situation.

“While we have no problem with social media, we take exception to those messages that become sensational on matters of life and death.

“Tropical Storm Kenneth, off the north coast of Madagascar, is projected to strengthen into a Tropical Cyclone and if it maintains its westerly trajectory, it is set to make landfall near the Tanzanian border with Mozambique on Thursday evening after 6PM with a circulatory speed of approximately 200km/h.

“Areas that might be affected by heavy rains till April 27 are the southern parts of Tanzanian, northern provinces of Mozambique and Malawi,” read the statement.

MSD added that no rain is projected for Zimbabwe during this period till Saturday. Mostly sunny and warm conditions are anticipated.

MSD also urged the public to stop circulating false information and causing unnecessary panic.

“Accordingly, let us respect the authoritative voice principle, which ensures that all official communication on warnings and alerts that are a matter of life and death come from a single source.

“In Zimbabwe, the MSD is responsible for monitoring the weather. The public is, therefore, urged to check with the department for confirmation and decision-making.

“The department will continue monitoring the conditions and update the nation accordingly,” said the MSD.