Chiwenga Whisked Away By His Security As ZANU PF Youth Stand Up Against Him For Speaking Ill Of ED
28 April 2019
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Talent Chiwenga

VICE PRESIDENT GEN. CONSTANTINO CHIWENGA’s cousin, the street preacher, Talent left Kwekwe in a huff last week after congregants who had gathered at an open space in Mbizo 5 Shopping Centre to listen to the word were angered by his political rants and threatened to manhandle him.

The man who is on record complaining of being attacked by the VP and the military, had to be whisked away by his security after congregants who had gathered at Chitubu, Msimbe Shopping Centre on Easter Sunday, were angered by the political rants from the clergyman.

The Apostle made a name for himself with sermons conducted along First Street in Harare with most of them containing less word of God and too much politics.

Mbizo Member of Parliament Mr Settlement Chikwinya confirmed that the controversial clergyman, had to scurry for cover as the disgruntled crowd accused the man of God of turning the church service into a political rally.

“I understand Prophet Chiwenga had a sermon at Chitubu Centre in Mbizo. I did not attend but what I gather is that he was harassed by some youths. It must be understood that Prophet Chiwenga normally preaches gospel that is perceived to be political,” said Mr Chikwinya.

A worshipper who attended the service, Mr Andrew Munyathi of Mbizo 5 said all hell broke loose when the Apostle started insulting the Zanu-PF leadership.

“People were angered when he started insulting the ruling party leadership. Remember Kwekwe is the home of President Mnangagwa, I think he had forgotten that and people wanted to manhandle him. To make matters worse, it was Easter and people were hungry for the word of God and he starts insulting leaders including the President, that is totally unacceptable, not here in Kwekwe,” said Mr Munyathi.

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