BREAKING: Passport Printing Machines Now Working, Office Confirms
29 April 2019
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By A Correspondent| The passport printing system is now working, Registrar General employees have claimed.

ZimEye was alerted to the news by staff members on Monday morning. The development comes after the system went offline for over a week amid worries that it would never work again.

Speculation was rife that the problem was due to the Emmerson Mnangagwa regime allegedly failing to settle the bills of the infamous Mugabe era-Israeli company, NIKUV.

But the Registrar General, Clemence Masango last week told ZimEye this was due to a mere breakdown in the system. He sought to assure members of the public that engineers were on the job working to resuscitate it. He however refused to reveal the exact problem.

Commenting on Monday morning, an employee told ZimEye, “all systems are up today.”

At the time of writing, it was difficult to ascertain what had really gone wrong as they did not give further details; It neither possible to obtain how long it will last.