Mnangagwa Paying For Tsvangirai’s Memorial | DOES HE GENUINELY LOVE TSVUNKSON?
4 May 2019
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The Tsvangirai family spokesperson, Manase Tsvangirai, has told the state media he appreciates the assistance they are receiving from the Mnangagwa government.

He said, “As the Tsvangirai family, we are very grateful to President Mnangagwa and the Government for the continued support that they have been rendering to us starting from the illness of my brother in South Africa up to date when we are holding a memorial service for him.

“I am sitting on my brother’s homestead right now, there are two graders clearing the road, tents and being pitched, Government has pledged to provide food that will be served to more than 5 000 people expected to come.

“Had it not for Government, I do not think that as a family we would have been able to manage this memorial.

“Of course, there are other individuals who have come to assist in some way but the Government, led by President Mnangagwa, has assisted us in a big way to ensure that the event succeeds.

“Right now, the Government is paying tuition fees for Mr Tsvangirai’s children in Australia and South Africa.

“Government rendered help to us from the illness of my brother in South Africa up to his death.

“It provided air tickets for people who went there, paid hospitals bills, ferried the body to its burial including the food, just to mention a few. We remain grateful to President Mnangagwa.”