Outrage As MDC Mayor Breaks Ranks With Chamisa, And Salutes Mnangagwa “President” Of Zimbabwe
4 May 2019
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Mayor Lovemore Maiko

By A Correspondent| Angers flared yesterday when the Chitungwiza mayor broke party protocol to title the man who unleashed the military on innocent civilians and killed 7 people just so to change election results, Emmerson Mnangagwa on the 1st August last year, President. Mnangagwa is on the state broadcaster ZBC’s LIVE broadcast presiding over the declaration by his office to use the military to change poll results.

Mayor Lovemore Maiko (MDC) said this while speaking of the water crisis in the dormitory town. This was during Mnangagwa’s visit to the town.

Maiko said Chitungwiza does not have its own source of water, exacerbating the crisis. He said,

“The issue of water is something critical in waste management Mr President.

“Chitungwiza, with a population of around 400 000 people, does not have its own source of water.

“That’s why we are trying to appeal to your highest office. We have a project that we have lined up and we need your support such that this project comes into fruition.

“Since you have invited me, I will be knocking on your door.”

Commenting on the development, analyst Chris Chidarikire said the mayor must be fired. He told ZimEye,

“I think the Chitungwiza mayor should be recalled and disciplined for calling Dambudzo HE. He is not president unless MDC position has changed. I am a soldier and discipline is vital. Words have consequences.

“MDC position is clear on stolen presidency if he doesn’t know it then he is not part of the movement.

“It’s either the party in my opinion states that we have lost the claim of presidency. That is why l am against Congress; Because at the moment Dambudzo was cornered, Congress is a distraction. By nature congress is divisive even in a democratic party because people campaign against each other while enemy is re energising and reinventing.

“As a soldier if you have your enemy pinned to a corner you don’t retreat and send soldiers to rest and holiday . You continue when the enemy falls dont get him up finish him coz when you turn your back he will stab u in the heart.

“Sometimes democracy does not work; Chamisa needed to be brutal like what he did to Khupe. He needed to be dictator in pushing for regaining presidency or pressuring Dambudzo to negotiation table. Least he can get is prime minister but with Executive powers.”