Police Recover Alcohol, Drugs, Condoms And “Vuka Vuka” As They Arrest Children At Vuzu Party In Byo
6 May 2019
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Some of the items recovered by police at a dirty children’s party in Bulawayo.

State Media|POLICE have arrested 131 rowdy youths in Bulawayo in an operation that saw law enforcement agents also confiscating alcohol and sex enhancing pills from teenagers headed to Vuzu parties where they engage in risky unprotected group sex.

Young people in Bulawayo have developed a tradition of going on the rampage in the city centre on the first Saturday after schools close and the last Saturday before a new school term begins.

Police said those arrested on Saturday are aged between 14 and 24 years and are in custody awaiting to be taken to court for criminal nuisance and public drinking.

Their arrest follows the arrest of 40 others aged between 15 and 25 years on the first Saturday after schools closed last month.

Forty nine more were arrested on the last day of the 60th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

The latest arrests follow warnings by the police that they had increased deployment of officers to deal with the unruly youths over the weekend.

Police raised concern that there is a growing trend of youths causing anarchy in the city centre or organising Vuzu parties where alcohol and drugs are abused leading to unprotected sex.

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said police on Saturday walked the talk and made arrests and some of those arrested had sex enhancing ‘vuka vuka’ pills.

“We arrested 131 youths in the CBD for criminal nuisance and public drinking. Some of these kids were making disruptive noise in the city and uttering obscene words and drinking alcohol in public.

“We also arrested a 28-year-old kombi driver, Nkosiphile Ndlovu, who was driving a Toyota Hiace with number plate ADZ 1987. Alert cops intercepted the vehicle which was headed towards Mahatshula suburb. The kombi had 25 youths and it was loaded with alcohol, nine packets of unused condoms, sex enhancing pills and mbanje,” he said.

Insp Ncube said Ndlovu’s vehicle was impounded.

He said seven 750ML bottles of Breakers spirit, one bottle of Gold blend, one 750ml bottle of Two Keys, one 150ML bottle of Modivine spirit and peppermint cigarettes were found in the kombi.

Insp Ncube said those who were arrested were taken to Central Police Station awaiting court appearances.

“They are in safe police custody waiting to be taken to court. We have asked their parents and guardians to bring their birth certificates for those under age as we want to avoid being given false names. They will be charged with public nuisance and public drinking,” he said.

“They will also be released after their parents and guardians consult the Department of Social Welfare as it has become clear that there is no proper parenting of some of these children at home.

“It still doesn’t make sense that parents and guardians allow their children to be all over town when they clearly know of the activities they usually indulge in.”

Insp Ncube said the police want parents to raise responsible children.

He said the girl child is abused at Vuzu parties.